DSC_0311Welcome to BRIDAUs cattery – a cattery approved by DARAK, the first Scandinavian cat breeder Club. Council member of Felis Danica’s Mentor council

New burmese cat joined Bridau’s cattery in May 2016. A young stud named Merlin Burmese King

Bridau’s Bel Air got NOMinated for BIS/Best in Show at Sydkattens show in Malmø April 2016

Bridau’s Bel Air – my brown female kitten – got NOMinated for BIS/Best in Show and my female breeding cat Bjelke’s Fascination got the Champion title at DARAK’s show in Virum March 2016

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 Contact infomation: Brian Daugaard, +4527122295 or briandaugaard1@gmail.com