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In the late 1980s me and my partner at the time had to look after an apartment for my dear friend Sibel which included 2 burmese cats. I was very excited and got to learn about this cat with this strong personality and intelligence. I was amazed it could even open doors. Sibel came home from years abroad and Sibel got her apartment back with the burmese cats. Now some 20 years later I had the opportunity to get an apartment where having cats are allowed. I immediately knew I had to get my own burmese cats. I knew it had to be a brown female Burmese like the ones Sibel had. I looked through webpages and it was actually a bit difficult to find a kitten. I finally found a brown female kitten and I got her about a month later. I named her Paris. She was a wonderful kitten and cat. Sadly she died of cancer at the age of 18 months. It was a huge loss for me. I was very determined to get a new brown female. Miss Dali came as a kitten to my home and I immediately fell in love. She is still around and Miss Dali is adorable. A former colleague of mine, Lasse Mortensen ( big Persian pedigree breeder( and former international pedigree judge) and I had a talk about cats in general and being a breeder. Lasse decided to put me in contact with one Denmark’s finest European burmese breeders. We immediately made a close connection and we had many long long talks about the burmese cat and being a breeder. In the summer 2013 I got my first European burmese breeding cat. A blue tortie burmese – CH Bjelke’s Fascination – though I call her Blå, which is Blue in Danish. She is a fantastic European burmese with a great temper and very attached to me. She is socialholic and loves to be the center of attention. And so she is! CH Bjelke’s Fascination has been titled Champion & has given me 2 new burmese breeding cats GIC Bridau’s Adelaide & IC Bridau’s Bel Air.

GIC Bridau’s Adelaide has attended many shows and is now Grand International Champion and second best of all fertile female European burmese cats 2015/2016 under Felis Danica’s burmese club and she was prized as topcat no 9 in 2016 at my Felis Danica’s pedigree cat club Darak. She has also been prized with several Best in Show and since Adelaide is from my first litter it was a very emotional and a special experience for me to receive Best in Show with Adelaide. She has produced her first litter with lovely 4 kittens. From this litter I have a new addition to my breeding programme; a very promising chocolate girl Bridau’s Copenhagen. Bridau’s European burmese cattery has imported a lovely boy GIC Merlin Burmese King. He has attended many shows and won several best in show and best in variety; he is also topcat junior no 5 in 2016 at my Felis Danica pedigree cat club Darak. I am so proud of this lovely boy. He is also now titled Grand International Champion. Another new boy has joined us. Eliotte is a stunning blue boy with a lovely temper also at shows. When both are adult enough they will mate my girls. Future is bright!

I have taken Felis Danica Diploma Breeder programme and I have successfully passed the exams. The education is divided in to 4 modules:

Module 1: History of the cat, Organisational structure of Felis Danica and FIFe, Rules of Felis Danica & FIFe, Health and welfare of cats

Module 2: Being a breeder

Module 3: Genetics and behaviour

Module 4: Show rules, law and rules, morale & ethics.

I am also a FIFe Burmese Breed Council member since 1 January 2017

Being a responsible burmese breeder can be hard work. As a breeder you have set dedicated goals to improve the burmese breed. You have to test for genetic diseases and disorders and try to reduce them through thorough selection. Cat breeders are great enthusiasts who care dearly for their cats. I am such a breeder! Welcome inside my universe!

Whats your story?

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2 thoughts on “My story

  1. Hej Brian

    Anne Marie Bjelke anbefalede mig at kontakte dig for en Burmeser killing, da jeg også bor på Frederiksberg. Jeg har måttet tage afsked med min blå Burmeser, Sina, efter næsten 16 år sammen. Jeg elsker Burmeserens temperament og smukke ydre.

    Sinas opdrætter er John Steenberg. Du kan læse lidt om mine katte og mig på hans hjemmeside under “Breve fra killinger”, Sina og Piérre. Jeg vil meget gerne tale med dig og besøge dig for at se killingerne. Foretrækker en hun – helst blå, men er åben for andre farver. Glæder mig til at høre fra dig.

    Bedste hilsner Ditte tlf.: 38334423 sms til mobil: 22642663

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